About us

Hello Babes! As you might have guessed my name is Joy. I have always been interested in designing, I started painting early on and even designing some clothing in old journals. Ive always wanted to own my own brand, and in the beginning of 2019 I finally took that big step of reaching out to a manufacturer.

When I first got in contact with her I showed her all my designs and she helped me tweak a few things to make the perfect set. It has been a great journey this year of seeing it all come together. Going from designs on pages to samples was an amazing experience. There has been so much learning in the past year.

This is the only set currently launched as I had to invest quite a lot into this but I promise in the next couple of months there will be more added. Hopefully even before the new year. As for sizing there will also be more sizes available in the future. I want to make as many sizes as possible so anyone can rock JOY underwear!

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